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Vaya Cove LP White & Mono

Vaya Cove LP is a reliable and cost-effective light fixture providing white or mono color light for interior use. Designed for cove and accent lighting applications and with two lengths, two standard white CCTs and standard 24V DC power, this product is versatile and easy to use. Vaya Cove LP works as on/off product or with any standard current sinking 0-10V/1-10V controller.

Key Features

  • Available in standard 3000K and 4000K
  • Custom options: 2700K, 5000K, Red, Green. Blue, Amber
  • Flat and angled mounting clips (Energy Star)
  • Low Voltage, 24V DC input power
  • Standard 0-10V dimming control compatible
  • 3-Year Warranty

Energy Star
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Product Data

Data Sheet Vaya Cove LP White & Mono Data Sheet
Installation Instructions Vaya Cove LP White & Mono Installation Instructions
IES Files VAYA Cove LP - UL CE - 3000K - 0.3M (350-000012-06)
VAYA Cove LP - UL CE - 4000K - 0.3M (350-000012-09)
Height 0.85 in (21.5 mm) (including surface mount clip)
Width 1.25 in (32 mm) (including surface mount clip)
Length 0.3 m (12 in)
Mounting Removable mounting clips for flush mounting and 45deg angled mounting clips (Energy Star rated)
SourceHigh-brightness White, Red, Green, Blue or Amber LEDs
Beam Angle110°
Output Luminous Flux 250 lm per foot
CRI80 Ra
Efficacy (System)55 Lumens / Watt
Lumen Maintenance White: 50,000 hrs L70 at 25°C
Mono: 50,000 hrs L50 at 25°C
Luminous Flux (Red)95 lm per foot
Luminous Flux (Green)120 lm per foot
Luminous Flux (Blue)35 lm per foot
Luminous Flux (Amber)75 lm per foot
HousingExtruded polycarbonate, white housing with clear lens
Weight 90 g (0.2 lbs)
Leader Cables2 m (6.5 ft) and 8 m (25 ft)
Jumper Cables0.3 m (1 ft) and 5 m (15 ft)
Control 0-10V/1-10V dimming (IEC 60929) via Philips Xitanium Dimming Module
Input Voltage24V DC
Power Consumption 3.75 W
Temperature Range -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F) operating temperature
Protection RatingIP20, Interior applications
CertificationsUL / cUL, FCC Class B, CE, CB
Warranty3 Years

This product is RoHS Compliant

Item Numbers

Philips 12NC Item Number Description
910503704589350-000012-06VAYA COVE LP 3000K 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704590350-000012-07VAYA COVE LP 3000K 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704591350-000012-08VAYA COVE LP 3000K 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704592350-000012-09VAYA COVE LP 4000K 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704593350-000012-10VAYA COVE LP 4000K 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704594350-000012-11VAYA COVE LP 4000K 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704602350-000012-18VAYA COVE LP 2700K 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704603350-000012-19VAYA COVE LP 2700K 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704604350-000012-20VAYA COVE LP 2700K 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704605350-000012-21VAYA COVE LP 5000K 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704606350-000012-22VAYA COVE LP 5000K 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704607350-000012-23VAYA COVE LP 5000K 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE DIMMABLE
910503704608325-000012-00VAYA COVE LP RED 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704609325-000012-01VAYA COVE LP RED 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704610325-000012-02VAYA COVE LP RED 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704611325-000012-03VAYA COVE LP GREEN 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704612325-000012-04VAYA COVE LP GREEN 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704613325-000012-05VAYA COVE LP GREEN 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704614325-000012-06VAYA COVE LP BLUE 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704615325-000012-07VAYA COVE LP BLUE 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704616325-000012-08VAYA COVE LP BLUE 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704617325-000012-09VAYA COVE LP AMBER 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704618325-000012-10VAYA COVE LP AMBER 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704619325-000012-11VAYA COVE LP AMBER 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE

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